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Celebrating 175 years of exceptional design. Every Stearns & Foster® reflects what has always been at the heart of everything we do – craftsmanship, quality, and comfort.




Timeless design for every style. You put a lot of care into curating your bedroom – so we put the same care into designing your mattress. Every layer, every element, and every detail is crafted to be the perfect complement to your style.

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Exceptional, timeless design has always been at the core of everything we do at Stearns & Foster®, and we are constantly searching for new places, things, ideas, and people that inspire us. That is why we are excited to unveil our inaugural Canadian Design Council. It is an honour to partner with these highly sought-after design and style experts to bring you the latest in design trends and tips to help you create your dream bedroom.


Skilled contractor, best-selling author, educator, and leading guest expert, Scott McGillivray is trusted for successful renovation and return on investment tactics. Scott McGillivray’s passion lies in educating people to make smart investment and renovation decisions to, in turn, build wealth through real estate. Scott has been a top rated HGTV star for almost 20 years, starring in over 400 episodes of television, and is best known as the star and award-winning Executive Producer of HGTV hit series’ “Income Property”, “Moving the McGillivrays”, “Buyers Bootcamp”, and most recently “Scott’s Vacation House Rules” and “Renovation Resort”.

Toronto, ON

Design Tip:

Finding opportunities to incorporate classic elements into your design and updating them with a contemporary spin is the best way to create a well balanced space.


Natalie is the Founder & President of luxury sleepwear brand, KIP. After spending time in the corporate world, Natalie felt passionate about creating a brand that inspired the modern woman to invest in rest. Natalie and her all-female team have grown the brand across North America through their online platform, with prominent retailers and strategic partnerships in the Beauty & Hospitality industry.

Toronto, ON

Design Tip:

The modern woman should invest in rest. Sleep is precious, and your pajamas should be, too. Consider buttery soft premium fabrics, chic yet comfortable silhouettes and monogramming for a bespoke bedtime.


From red carpets and runways to movie stars and models, Kim Appelt ~ KimXO is one of the globe’s leading personal and celebrity stylists. She has partnered with well known brands, is the host of her own YouTube channel, and is an authority in style. Her keen eye for fashion and creative talent in choosing the right look for her clients is second only to her passion and life mission to help people love themselves and to find a style that speaks to their personal truth. She is also a number one selling author with her book “Style for EveryBODY”

Kamloops, BC + Toronto, ON

Design Tip:

Quality over quantity. A great quality piece will be better constructed with better materials and will last longer so you can maximize your enjoyment long-term. It's always worth spending more on something you love.


An artist and illustrator specializing in custom illustration and design for clients and brands, as well as live illustration. One of Nessa’s favourite trends combines butterflies with the 90’s. Although they are trending right now, she sees them as a timeless classic that have always played a role in her art as well as her interior design.

Toronto, ON

Design Tip:

Get inspired by colour! Screenshot samples, save Pantones or try to match shades from elements you see when you’re out and about that appeal to you so you can create personalized colour palettes for your space.